Parade Day

background + building the ensemble + parade day + thanks

We had beautiful weather for parade day and the morning was hectic, pulling together all the small pieces for the final display. It was awesome to see how it all came together. Just like the build itself I wish I had taken more pictures. Not pictured are Randy's bubble cart (bubbles!) and the stupa+garden wagon that a friend Giovanni brought.

Here's the main float body. Randy was able to borrow a couple metal sculptures from Home and Garden Art and my friend Denise Henrikson lent her leaf pennants and batik salmon. Along the parade route we played with a bunch of small props from the float body - tossing vegetables around, pulling the Petit Troll float and the little bull (artist credit?), playing with the big chicken (which has three large eggs inside).

My friend Den lent this cool cart and I borrowed the large yellow flower from parade director Leslie Zenz.


I wanted something to represent urban farming and when artist Joan Rudd showed up at the parade build she took on the job to create this rooftop garden.


Randy was also able to borrow this awesome barnhead from Erin Shafkind and Will Gundy. Another FAC member Timothy paraded his ram head giant puppet in the parade.