background + building the ensemble + parade day + thanks

One of parade project goals was to bring together as many people as possible to create something good. More than 80 people helped build the Artland Farm ensemble and I am so thankful for their participation.

Special thanks go to my friend Denise Henrikson (who turned me on to batik and helped with the large batik flowers), my friend Den (who helped with more things than I can remember) and my co-lead Randy Kilmer.

Thanks to the Horticulture Program at Nathan Hale High School for the mache veggies.

Thanks to the Fremont Arts Council (FAC) for the Dave McKay Parade Art Grant for Artists and for holding the space for people to find and create their own art.

Thanks to artist Amy Pleasant who painted the large float murals and more.

Thanks to artist Joan Rudd for her city garden and other contributions.

Thanks to artists Erin Shafkind and Will Gundy for the loan of the barn head.

Thanks to Home and Garden Art for the loan of a metal rooster and turkey for the float.